Stand Out in the Social Media Crowd

Social media’s enormous influence has undoubtedly changed the landscape of marketing. From mainstays like Facebook and Twitter to more contemporary networks like Instagram and Snapchat, more and more people are using social media to catch up with friends, read the latest headlines and engage with their favorite brands. It makes perfect sense to integrate social media marketing into your business growth goals.

Social media is more than just a passing fadNearly two-thirds of adults use social media, a number that’s been steadily rising over the past decade. This is why successful companies use social media marketing strategically.

Think back to the last time you were inspired by a something you discovered on Pinterest or Facebook. Did you visit the company’s website shortly after? And think about your first encounter with that brand. Was it a thought-provoking post in your feed? Or was it a well-placed ad that was so enticing you had to click? Our social media strategy can do all this and more for your business. Save

As each platform moves toward paid advertising, it’s no longer enough to simply have a Facebook page or a Twitter account. Your business needs a social media marketing strategy that will not only target your ideal customer, but grab (and hold) their attention in a crowded space.

Leverage Social Media Marketing to Achieve Just About Anything

Social media has the ability to tell your story, spark conversations and convert loyal customers into cult-like followers. All of these things can be done on a local, national or even global scale.

But just as one tweet can go viral, improper management of social channels can have just as dramatic of an effect on your reputation — and we all know how important that is.

So how exactly does one manage a social media campaign?

It’s more than just curating content and scheduling posts. Flashpoint.Marketing has the ability to find the so-called “sweet-spot” of social posting. Taking into consideration frequency, content type, style, placement and other best practices, our team will find the right strategy to boost your social media presence.

Flashpoint’s deep understanding of community engagement can take your organization to the next level. Our team leverages industry best practices – along with compelling content – to develop a win-win scenario to place your brand in the limelight.

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Services for Social Media Marketing

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  • Social Advertising
  • Press Releases
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  • Redistribution
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