HubSpot is the premiere inbound marketing tool to generate more leads and organize your sales process.

A common challenge for most businesses is integrating the different departments of your organization. Get your marketing and sales systems to communicate with one another more efficiently through HubSpot inbound marketing methodologies. Connect your CRM with email and analytics, and link your sales team with your marketing personnel.

As a Silver Tier HubSpot inbound marketing agency, we can bypass HubSpot’s onboarding fee and create foundational lead capture mechanisms for you, like microsites, landing pages and thank you pages.

Quality content is the foundation of HubSpot inbound marketing. With HubSpot, we can manage tailored content all in one centralized location. This includes:

  • Blog posts

  • White papers

  • Ebooks

  • Free videos

  • Guides & tip charts

  • Content offers

  • Case studies

  • Demos & free trials

  • Email campaigns

  • Social media promotions

Eliminate the Gaps Between Marketing and Sales.

HubSpot Tools Build a Productive Sales Funnel 

A major pain point of many businesses is a lack of hand-off from department to department. For instance, what is the sales department going to do with leads if they aren’t coming from the right target demographic? Each department needs tools to help them push qualified leads through the right sales channels. Eliminate these gaps in the communication chain by integrating your entire process from start to finish with HubSpot’s seamless inbound marketing platform.

Identify keywords and personas for laser-focused campaign targeting

Generate quality leads using content and detailed forms

Funnel your qualified leads from department to department to create clients

Maintain precisely segmented lists of customers to create repeat buyers

Convert clients into brand ambassadors for your company

Get in touch with us at Flashpoint.Marketing and learn how we can employ HubSpot tools to expand your business in 2017 and beyond.