Effective Inbound Marketing:

  • Define personas. They reveal who to target and what information is needed to say “Yes!”

  • Next, create informative content paired with graphics that convert to attract visitors.

  • Enhance traffic through SEO & Local Search so Google funnels more visitors to the site.

  • Boost content and drive visitors to landing pages with paid ad channels across multiple platforms.
  • Once visitors are on your site, constant tuning and testing improves conversions over time.

We Draw the Strategy & Define Personas.

  • We start with research (keyword, competitor, market) and collect customer data via surveys and interviews.

  • We synthesize that data into personas and identify your ideal target audience.

  • We use marketing personas to strategize and create content for microsites, social media, advertising, email and more.

We Create Unique & Compelling Content.

  • We create compelling content and eye-catching graphics that attract your ideal prospects.

  • We distribute this high-quality content via the channels that make the most sense for your personas (social media, blog, etc.).

  • Because there’s solid strategy behind the content, it gets read, shared, remembered and acted upon. Through effective content marketing we turn prospects into customers who convert.

We Optimize for Search Engines.

  • We determine which keywords and phrases your personas use in search queries and make sure that verbiage is included in all your content.

  • We optimize your web pages and listings to make sure you get found online, whether searchers are looking for you by name or by general terms.

  • We assess metrics, track conversions and continuously refine and optimize content and keywords according to SEO and local SEO best practices.

We Ensure Strong Social Engagement.

  • Based on your personas, we’ll recommend an advertising strategy for you that employs the channels that make the most sense for your personas (social media ads, blog posts and sponsored content, SEO, pay-per-click ads, retargeting, etc.).

  • We’ll craft messaging and imagery that will resonate with your key audiences on ideal channels, and implement it where it’ll get noticed and acted on.

  • We’ll administer and optimize your advertising to increase conversions and get the most impact for your dollar.

We Test, Optimize, Monitor, Repeat.

  • We assess your website, your conversion data and existing conversion elements.

  • Referencing your personas, we’ll develop an A/B Test to evaluate potential improvements to key conversion elements.

  • We’ll use our findings to optimize your website and conversion funnels to generate more leads and sales.

We Use the Best Tools – HubSpot – on the Market.

  • We maintain a thorough understanding of inbound content marketing, and are HubSpot certified. We implement our skills and expertise for your success.

  • We create landing pages, microsites, content offers, email blasts, blog posts, social media ads, and everything else with inbound content marketing best practices in mind.

  • We also specialize in lead nurturing and “drip campaigns” and are HubSpot certified for these as well.