As a legal lead generation agency, we’ve dealt with countless law firm websites and individual attorney bio pages. We’ve seen it all, from the outstanding to the really (really) ugly. We can tell you what to avoid and what to focus on to make sure you’re getting the traction you need with future clients and attorney referrals.

“Writing” your attorney bio page involves so many factors besides the text. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with some factors to incorporate that will make your attorney bio page stand out in a way that is attractive to clients, and increases your searchability on Google.

1. Make Sure You Have a Functioning Attorney Bio Page

The first step is to simply have an active bio in the first place. Let’s suppose that you give a potential client your business card. How would it look if they visit your firm’s website and you don’t appear in the company bio pages? They might think that you don’t have an important role, or that you’re not even part of the firm.

While it might seem unbelievable that an attorney wouldn’t have an online profile on their law firm’s website, you’d be surprised at how often it happens. This is especially a concern for first-year practitioners and new transfers.

Be proactive in making sure that your law firm sets you up right away with your bio page – it’s a matter of signing or missing out on that potential client lead. Don’t assume that your firm will automatically generate a bio page for you. Also, be sure to visit your own page often and make sure that it isn’t broken and that all links are functioning.

attorney bio ktmc

Attorney bio pages should be professionally designed and work equally well on desktop displays and mobile devices.

2. Make Sure Your Images are Clear, Not Fuzzy

We live in a time when we can take crystal-clear photos that look like studio portraits from our own smartphones which we carry in our pockets. So there’s really no excuse for having a blurry or pixelated image in your attorney bio. And yet, time and again we see attorney bio pages (and sometimes entire law firm websites) that feature low-quality, fuzzy pictures.

By all means, you should spare no expenses when it comes to your firm’s attorney bio pictures. We recommend that you invest in a professional photo shoot for yourself and your associates, so that all of your bio pictures are crisp, presentable, and uniform. Many firms are now opting for attorney photos that are personable and engaging, rather than traditional headshots.

From what we’ve seen, if a law firm’s attorney bio pages need improvement, chances are the firm’s entire website needs an upgrade. Contact us now for a free legal website audit.

attorney bio feldman shepherd

High quality photography helps build trust with potential clients.

3. Humanize Your Bio

Every lawyer has gone to a law school, graduated from their class, clerked with a judge, and received some sort of award or accolade. So, while it’s pretty much mandatory to include this information on your bio, it won’t necessarily make you stand out from the sea of attorneys that your future client might be sorting through.

You need to supplement this information with personalized background information that humanizes you as a lawyer. Specifically, people like to hear about an attorney’s ideals, values, and zealousness that are needed to successfully obtain the right results.

Clients are looking for an outstanding community member, not a robot. Consider listing volunteer work, hobbies, and interests.

This may mean digging deep and looking back and answering the question, “Why did I begin practicing in this area of law in the first place? What was the passion that motivated me to succeed in this field?”

For instance, one of our clients entered into the practice of law because they got into a car accident when they were younger, and were inspired to enter into a profession that allowed them to help people facing similar problems. This is exactly the type of narrative that potential clients are looking for, because it tells them that this attorney really has a personal interest in representing them through to the end. You should include such relevant information in your bio as much as possible.

attorney bio eight and sand

Include personal interests and passions in your attorney bio to show why you are the best choice.

4. Don’t Use or Reproduce Duplicate Content

The term “boilerplate language” is familiar to all first-year law students who are taking contract law. It refers to language that is copied verbatim for routine use in contracts. In the world of contracts, this can make things easier for the parties to negotiate. However, in the online digital world, you should avoid duplicate content as much as possible. Duplicate content makes it difficult for Google to rank your pages and has negative effects on your website’s SEO.

On a related note, this goes for your bios on other web channels, especially your LinkedIn bio. Don’t simply copy over your firm bio onto your LinkedIn bio; this is considered duplicate content and will hurt your chances of coming up first in a search for your particular practice area.

Additional Tips

Finally, here are a few additional tips:

  • Make sure your voicing is consistent— too many bios shift from first to second person perspectives
  • Avoid overly technical legal jargon — your bio is mainly for prospective clients, not your legal peers
  • Update your bio from time to time, especially if you’ve  had any major changes
  • Check for spelling and grammar errors that can kill your bio

The main point here is to consciously and intentionally invest some time into your attorney bio page. When you do, you’ll have a huge advantage because many attorneys don’t give a second thought to their page.

If you need help with your attorney bio, or if your firm needs assistance in improving its entire law firm website, contact us today at Flashpoint.Marketing. We’re passionate about helping our legal clients maximize their legal lead generation and client acquisition efforts.

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