It’s a well-known phenomenon: The winter slump. Individuals report low energy or lethargy during the winter season. Likewise, businesses often experience a slump in sales and business activity. Depending on the industry or sector, this can be an annual occurrence.

This doesn’t mean that your company or firm needs to experience an overall loss. There are steps you can take to prepare for these types of dry spells and provide some buffering and profit-padding.

While each industry is different, you’ll still need to increase your marketing efforts for the upcoming winter months. Here are some tips to help you maximize your winter marketing efforts before and during the season.

Start Your Winter Marketing Efforts Now

You’ll want to ramp up your marketing and advertising efforts now, before the winter season.  Hit the ground running with good momentum to carry you through the season. Here’s what you can do now to prepare:

  • Increase Ad Budget: If you have an ongoing ads campaign, you can do a pre-winter sprint where you increase your ad efforts. This will provide an extra boost of leads and clients for the thin months.
  • Run Promos: Right before the holiday season is a great time to promote special deals, sales, or packages.
  • Work with a Professional Marketing Agency: If you don’t already have a reliable marketing team to work with, you may want to consider working with an experienced marketing agency to help you tailor and execute a winter marketing strategy.
  • Optimize Your Keywords: Be sure to include relevant winter and holiday-themed keywords, if possible, as the cold months approach.

Even small adjustments can make a difference for your organization’s performance. Have a good plan in place, and to start now.

Do you need a focused winter marketing campaign? Working with a professional marketing team can free up your time to focus on improving your business. Contact us to start building your customized strategy.

Use Downtime Wisely

If your company experiences downtime, use that time productively. Better yet, if you know in advance that your business experiences a small slump in the winter, intentionally plan meetings or team-building exercises. Clear out old/completed projects, streamline processes, and renew your mission statements.

It’s also a great time to buckle down and refresh your marketing strategies-

Calibrate for Next Year

Right before winter is an ideal time to calibrate next year’s goals. Preparing for the next year can involve a whole host of planning, strategy building, and review of this year’s performance. You’re not just planning for Q1 or Q2, you’re actually planning for the entire year. This is a time consuming process that leaves little wiggle room for adjustments. It’s crucial to start planning for the winter months as early as possible, so you’ll be ready as you enter winter.

With the right planning and foresight, you can make things go smoother as the year closes out. Contact us today at Flashpoint Marketing to get started on the right marketing package, tailored specifically for your company’s needs.

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