Many think email has lost its persuasive power to almighty social media. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! Data shows that consumers interact with more brands through email than social media platforms, and that email conversion rates are 17 percent higher than social media. With numbers like that, email is not something you want to ignore! Here are a few reasons why we think email marketing is something you need to start doing right away:

A Different Type of Engagement

All social media has a shelf life —Twitter’s engagement lifespan for a single post is about 2.8 hours and Facebook’s is typically 5 hours [Skyword].  But with email, your message goes directly to a subscriber’s inbox and stays there until the subscriber takes some action. This doesn’t mean your email will always get read, but most users will definitely see your message.

91 percent of consumers look at their email at least once a day on their phone, which means it’s the most-used smartphone function, and 57 percent also said that their email app is one they can’t live without [EmailMonday]. With email marketing, you will be reaching a wide-net of consumers at various times.

Subscribers Want Your Information

The big advantage of email marketing is that your subscription lists are composed of those who have already shown interest by subscribing. That’s huge. While liking a Facebook page or following a Twitter profile may seem similar— there’s something more personal about giving someone your email address. They’re choosing to opt-in to receiving an email every so often from your company.

Email is a one-on-one form of communication. Because it’s not public like your Twitter feed or Facebook wall, it feels more personal. Word to the wise —  make sure you allow email receivers to respond back.

Get Personal

Because of email’s personal nature, you are able to reach many individuals while making each feel like you are only targeting them. Emails that used personalized subject lines were opened 26 percent more than ones that did not. Also, emails that have a personalized call-to-action were shown to have 42 percent higher view-to-submission rates [Magento]. Personalization can be accomplished using segmentation, which is a service tools like MailChimp provide.

High ROI Potential

74% of marketers think that email marketing will produce or already produced returns on their investments [Pardot]. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing produces a 4,300% return on investment [OutboundEngine]. That ROI potential is something you don’t want to miss out on.

Promotion Motion

According to Social Mouths, 77 percent of users prefer to receive promotional content through email, while only 4 percent prefer Facebook, and virtually no one wants promotional content through LinkedIn. Also, 70 percent of those who receive promotional items actually use the coupons and discounts they are sent. This means that email marketing is a great way to get consumers engaged with your business and product.

Email Marketing Services To Use

There are plenty of great email marketing services out there to get you started, such as GetResponse, iContact, and Campaigner. Our absolute favorite service to use is MailChimp. There are a few reasons for this:

  • A free MailChimp account allows you to have up to 2,000 subscribers and send 12,000 emails per month.
  • It is an extremely user-friendly platform that is intuitive, which is probably why it’s so popular.
  • Another plus is that their integration capabilities with other services is fairly extensive— you can connect to Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and hundreds of others apps.
  • A paid account allows you to do A/B testing. This means you can test to find the most effective message that will get sent out to a larger portion of your subscribers.

Interested in getting started with email marketing?

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