When you attend a networking event, you want to be well-dressed and presentable. Similarly, your company website photos act like the dress or the suit that you wear for the great “internet networking” mixer. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that your company and individual photos on your website are done by a professional photographer. You can also use these photos on your professional social media accounts, especially LinkedIn.

Here are some general recommendations for scheduling your professional photo shoot:

Choosing a Photographer

Your first step should be to choose the right photographer. Avoid the mistake of trying to “skimp” on photo costs. You should select a professional, certified photographer for your business shots. They should have experience in shooting photos for websites, in particular.

Check their portfolio to get an idea of their style. They should be able to advise you on the best lighting, dress and poses and suggest several relevant locations that match your style. It is best to send them examples of images and sites that you both like and dislike. This is the most accurate way to communicate visual concepts. Remember, they can’t read your mind, so it’s best to be as descriptive as possible.

Professional Photo Shoot Guidelines

In general, the style of your images should match your company’s brand. For instance, if you have a more modern look, the location of your shoot should include modern architecture and furnishings. The images should also match your company’s color palette.
Ideally, company branding should be finalized before taking the photos, to avoid double-work and unnecessary edits. Make sure your photographer leaves extra space (“white space”) around the subjects. This allows more leeway for cropping images to fit different content sizes and media if need be. More space is better than less.

Here are some additional tips for professional photo shoot sessions:

  • Get some higher angle photographs. You should request the photographer to take several shots from an elevation that is higher than your head. They can do this by standing on a stool or simply holding the camera above head level. A higher angle can eliminate double-chin issues while also giving the photo a unique, custom angle. Avoid taking photos from below eye-level.
  • Use ambient lighting instead of a flash. Avoid camera flash features and instead opt for ambient lights. For instance, you can bring in some extra lamps to the photo shoot location. You should have as much light around as is possible — this will brighten your appearance, reduce unattractive face shadows and prevent your face from having a “washed out” look.
  • Dress with the photo in mind. Digital photographs can sometimes take fabric patterns and make them “vibrate” in ways that can disturb the eye. To avoid this, don’t wear fabrics that have small repeated shapes like dots, checkers, etc., and avoid dark stripes. Your outfit should look appropriate if cropped at waist or shoulder height (for instance, for a professional headshot). Lastly, it goes without saying that you should be well-dressed and in appropriate professional attire for your business.
  • Keep it simple. The photo shoot setting should be clean and simple. Avoid cluttered surroundings and messy spaces. If you’re taking shots at your desk or work space, be sure to clear out loose items like pens, paper pads and other distracting work items.
  • Consider some outdoor shots. Experiment with a couple of outdoor photo shots. Outdoor shots can be more engaging, and the natural light can create some warmer effects.

Individual and Group Photo Tips

For individual photos, you can create a sense of unity and consistency for the company by using the same pose and background for everyone. In this regard, your photographer will be able to determine what works best.

For company group photos, it will probably take a few shots to get it just right. Be sure all faces are in the same horizontal line. This avoids people’s faces being accidentally cropped from the top or bottom on mobile and tablet views. Again, your photographer will be able to help arrange your group(s) in the best possible way.

Lifestyle Photos

Having lifestyle photos on your homepage and other accents throughout the site can really personalize your company, and can show a more sociable side of your team. You’ll want to balance out your business photo shoot by including a few casual pictures. Pictures of community involvement can show that your organization participates in local events. For these types of photos, you’ll want to take a few shots with the subject on the right or left so that there is room for overlaying a form or headline. Also, blurred and abstract photos that match the portraits can be used in other areas of the site.

Once you’ve worked with a professional photographer, you should work with a design and marketing team that knows what to do with the beautiful images captured on company photo day.

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