Online lead generation is key for law firms that are looking to expand their client base. Client acquisition is the lifeline for any law firm, regardless of the practice area. Like any other business, a law firm needs a steady stream of clients to continue operating in the long run.

Getting attorney leads online should be a top priority for law firms, as most potential clients are looking for attorneys online rather than through older methods like the phone book. Thus, it’s important for law firms to adopt online lead generation strategies that will boost client acquisition.

Here are 4 online lead generation strategies that law firms should implement for maximum legal lead generation:

Provide Downloadable Content Offers

Did you know that online content doesn’t just include your firm’s web pages and blog posts? It can also include a variety of other content pieces. A useful form of online content is the content offer. This is an in-depth piece of content that the user must download in order to read. A reader typically needs to fill out a form and provide information like an email address.

The benefit of this setup is that the firm can compile the contact information in their customer relationship management systems (CMS) to monitor and qualify leads.

Downloadable content offers are great for in-depth pieces that provide more information. These can include academic white papers, guides, ebooks, and other content that demonstrates the firm’s thought leadership and excellence in their practice field. Distribution of content downloads can also be enhanced through the use of paid advertising campaigns.

example of a firm's downloadable resource or content offer

Leverage Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are a unique type of online content in that they are generated by persons outside of the firm. In terms of lead generation and client acquisition, there’s nothing more powerful than the positive feedback from a client. Client testimonials can provide a different perspective on the firm’s services, and can also create a more personal touch to your web content.

example of a firm's testimonials from past clients

If you aren’t already integrating testimonials into your content strategy, here are a few tips to follow:

  • It helps to create a separate page on your website devoted strictly to client testimonials
  • You can also weave testimonials into existing content, such as blog posts, practice area pages, and more
  • Video testimonials are a powerful way to express emotion through audio and visual cues that can’t be captured through simple text. Also, 55% of people watch online videos every day

Of course, it goes without saying that you obtain the person’s consent to use their statements, and also that the testimonial conforms with professional guidelines regarding confidential client information.

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Showcase and Circulate Online Firm Newsletters

Firm newsletters are another powerful addition to an online lead generation strategy. Regular newsletters let you touch base with your clients and readers on a regular basis, thus increasing brand awareness, which is crucial for client acquisition efforts. When your firm’s name is constantly in people’s minds, there’s a greater chance that they’ll refer your services to a friend or family.

example of a firm's newsletter series

Like downloadable content offers, firm newsletters can allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and innovation in your particular field of practice. The newsletter can include information like:

  • Recent developments in the firm’s practice area (such as new laws or statutes)
  • News about the firm
  • Additions to the firm, such as new associates and partners
  • Firm events and community involvement (both past and upcoming)
  • Awards and achievements

You can also set up the newsletter as a subscription, so you can capture emails, provide follow-up contact opportunities, and increase attorney leads.

Become More Searchable on LinkedIn

Many people only think of LinkedIn as a job-finding tool. While it is an excellent job hunting tool, LinkedIn is also a powerful way to facilitate lead generation for law firms. This is especially true for law firms that provide corporate and financial-related legal services — executives and other persons who make important decisions for a company are very active on LinkedIn.

Some ways to leverage LinkedIn’s platform and algorithms include:

  • Building more connections (the more connections and profile views makes it more likely that you’ll rank higher when someone is searching for your services)
  • Publishing content on LinkedIn to increase brand awareness
  • Participate in discussions on LinkedIn Groups

Lastly, make sure that each attorney and staff member in the firm has updated their LinkedIn profile. Potential clients often visit an attorney’s LinkedIn profile to learn more about them when researching attorneys.

These are just a few online lead generation strategies that law firms can incorporate to boost their visibility and increase client acquisition. By making effective use of the different channels and strategies that are available, it is possible to capture more leads at more stages of the sales funnel. Each of these strategies can take some time and planning, and you may need direction and guidance with these. Contact us today at Flashpoint.Marketing to get started on a tailored campaign.

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