When we put together our San Diego Craft Beer Marketing Rundown, we noticed that few local breweries maintained a detailed blog. One one hand, this isn’t much of a surprise — most breweries focus their efforts on maintaining a strong presence on social media. However, having a craft beer blog on your brewery’s website carries with it many benefits, from technical SEO to general brand awareness. Here are just a few reasons why you need a craft beer blog on your brewery’s website:

A craft beer blog lets people know what you’re up to in ways social media cannot.

American craft brewers are always up to new and exciting things. We see it in social media posts illustrating collaborations, new equipment, beer festivals, construction and expansion, and much more. But what these Facebook and Instagram posts don’t do is offer context. The very format of social media leaves little room to elaborate on what’s going on, and oftentimes social media users are left with more questions than answers after seeing a post. (When this happens, they start asking questions on social media, and you better answer them.)

You don’t need to be a poet laureate, but it’s ideal to go beyond a one-sentence description and tell people what you’re really up to, in some detail. That’s exactly what a craft beer blog is for.

craft beer blog showing events

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Blogging can improve your SEO standing — by a lot.

As of this writing, a handful of San Diego breweries are entering the realm of New England-style IPAs, a new fad here out West but a long-time staple at rural breweries in the Northeast. San Diego breweries are getting increasingly better at it, with solid offerings from Resident, Modern Times, Burgeon, Half Door and Pure Project. But Google “San Diego New England IPA” and see what you get. The first brewery you’ll see is Thorn Street Brewing, who isn’t exactly known for the style. In fact, they’ve only made one such beer, and it was a collab with Pizza Port. Thorn Street was actually ranking on Page 1 for “San Diego New England IPA” before that beer was even made.

craft beer blog improved search engine rankings

Here’s why Thorn Street has a coveted spot on Google for an increasingly popular search term: because they’ve been blogging about it. Thorn Street routinely blogs about trends in the craft beer industry, offering an insider’s take on the goings-on in the world of beer, from February’s triple IPA releases to what to drink while watching the Super Bowl. While Thorn Street is certainly not the only San Diego brewery that blogs, they rank well for beer terms because they blog well. It’s that simple.

Blogging is where your passion comes through.

We have no doubt that you pour your passion into every batch of beer you make. Your passion is probably obvious to people you meet in the tasting room. But what about those who haven’t made it through your door yet? Nowadays, beer drinkers have a lot of options to choose from. Here in San Diego, hitting every brewery in town is tough even for the most committed craft beer drinkers. So craft beer drinkers have to choose where they spend their dollars.

Passion attracts customers, especially in a niche, local industry like craft beer. It’s another area where you can shine and share your ideas, activities and passion. Also, putting things down on paper (or, in this case, putting them online) is a therapeutic process, as most writers will tell you.

Council Brewing blog about their passion

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So… Are You Blogging For Your Brewery?

There’s one big downside to maintaining a blog for your brewery: it’s time-consuming. It takes a lot longer to write a blog post than it does to write a Facebook post or throw a photo on Instagram. And unless writing is something you enjoy, blogging can feel like a chore. If you push it off often enough, you end up with a blog whose last post is dated over a year ago. Don’t let that happen.

Get some help in keeping your blog updated to inform your fans and improve your website’s SEO footprint. Flashpoint Marketing is a digital marketing agency with a huge passion for craft beer and a deep understanding of what it takes to build an optimal online presence. Let us help you maintain a great craft beer blog and so much more. Get in touch with us today.


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