What is online presence? Your online presence, or ‘digital footprint’ is basically the sum total of all your activity online. For a law firm, this might include the firm’s website, any ads run by the firm, social media accounts, and news or press releases that reference the firm. In other words, anything associated with the firm’s name online can be considered part of the digital footprint.

For law firms, it is especially important to cast a wide net and establish your presence in many areas online. This allows your firm to be more visible, and makes it easier for people to find you through online searches. Here are some ways that your firm can both increase and improve upon your digital footprint:

Establish a Broad Social Media Presence

Although some social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn have been around for well over 10 years already, many lawyers can still be hesitant to post and engage on social media. Oftentimes, this is for a good reason — some lawyers may be hesitant to violate any ethical rules when it comes to lawyer advertising and soliciting online. You do, of course, want to ensure that you remain professional online and that your activity falls within state and ABA professional guidelines.

However, that shouldn’t stop you from taking advantage of these wonderful online spaces. Every social media outlet is a channel through which you can provide firm announcements, news updates, links to your legal blog and other informative legal content produced by your firm. This is another way to push traffic to your website, which can ultimately lead to more future cases.

Facebook page for law offices of Michael J Gurfinkel

This is an example of a well-managed Facebook page of a legal practice in Glendale, California. Right off the bat, you get two very important things: the firm’s location and social validity.

Lastly, engagement on social media is critical. Responding to your followers shows that you care and are listening to the input of your readers. Again, be sure that you’re staying within the bounds of ethical guidelines when engaging online. And make sure your profile is presentable and optimized for peak searchability.

Create Robust Landing Pages

Landing pages are standalone web pages that are distinct from your firm’s main website. They are created and designed for a single purpose, which keeps your main website navigation from being too cluttered.

landing pages can improve digital footprint

An example of a landing page for a free consultation.

There are several types of landing pages, but perhaps the most commonly used type is the lead generation or lead capture page. This is a page that contains a form which captures the reader’s data, such as their email address. Usually, the person will fill out the form in exchange for something that is useful to them, such as a free legal content download or a legal whitepaper.

Thus, landing pages are a crucial part of your online presence. Consider them like additional “nets” with which you can capture leads and gather contact info in a way that is much more direct and specific than what your home website does.

Explore Paid Advertising

Paid ads are another way of increasing your law firm’s visibility and presence online. Unlike old paper ads, advertising on platforms like Google or Facebook allow you to present multiple ads on a rotating basis, allowing you to reach your target audience in a more efficient way.

facebook ads can improve digital footprint

An example of right column Facebook ads.

Combined with persona research, paid advertisement allows you to present your ads to only the readership and search audience that really matters for your firm. Sadly, some firms don’t realize this, and often present the same ad to everyone, hoping that their ad will magically generate leads.

Knowing how much to spend on paid online ads and knowing how much to bid on a keyword is an artform in itself. Inquire with us to see how we can help you can use paid advertising to generate more leads and land the types of cases you’re looking for.

Utilize Online Legal Directories

Online legal directories are yet another way to spread the name of your firm or your own personal practice throughout the internet. Some of these, such as FindLaw or Avvo, allow the attorney to pay for premium spots in the listing, and some of them even do on-site advertisements.

As with any online platform, if you choose to list yourself in a directory, you’ll need to make sure your profile is optimized and up-to-date, which will help attract more leads and increase client conversions.

online directories can improve digital footprint

Legal directories, like Lawyers.com, can improve your firm’s digital footprint.

How to Start Improving Your Footprint

Building a strong online presence takes time. It takes several months to build out avenues for promoting your blogs, developing a social media following, and nurturing your new leads. In addition, it takes time to manage your footprint and to keep up your activity online on a regular basis.

It can also cost some money, especially for paid advertisements and other similar campaigns. For many law firms, it can sometimes be daunting to consider approaching the many aspects of a full online legal marketing campaign.

If you want to boost your online footprint right away, you’ll want to work with a marketing team whose specialty lies in examining, improving, and constantly monitoring a company’s online presence.

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