First things first — we’re well aware that CRM Management literally translates into “customer relationship management management”. That being said, CRM management is crucial for the day-to-day operations of any business, whether it be a promising startup or an established industry leader. CRM refers to the practices and technologies that companies use to organize their customer contact information, data, and interactions throughout the customer lifestyle.

Despite the wide range of CRM platforms to choose from, many businesses still aren’t aware of the power that lies in some of these tools. Many companies are exhausting precious resources trying to monitor and sort leads in an old-fashioned way (such as through a spreadsheet).

CRM software is designed to compile, organize, and segment customer information based on various factors. Since most leads are now coming in through online digital channels, the ability to monitor leads digitally is crucial for the growth and success of any modern business. Lead generation campaigns can be seriously hindered if the leads are not properly managed.

The Importance of CRM Management Software

At the heart of customer relationship management (CRM) is the CRM portal. The CRM portal is the hub where all leads pass through and are stored and sorted. Even for companies that have a modestly sized client base, utilizing a CRM tool is necessary due to the amount of information attached to each lead.

CRM management client info

Does your current filing system look like this? It’s time to upgrade.

Some CRM portals are quite basic, and function essentially like a directory. Other CRM portal software can be quite advanced, and provide the user with features and functions like:

  • Marketing Automation: These types of CRM tools can provide automated repetitive tasks such as follow-up emails. This frees up company time and resources for other projects.
  • Sales Force Automation: These tools help to prevent duplicate efforts between the sales team and potential customers. It generally involves tracking of contacts and the communications and follow-ups with the sales team.
  • Contact Forms: Advanced CRM platforms allow the team to create forms and monitor the lead information as visitors fill out the form.
  • Social Media Management: Some platforms allow teams to monitor multiple social media channels and manage post schedules and lead tracking all from one central location.
  • Analytics: Some CRM tools have analytics built into the program. This allows the team to track metrics such as keyword performance, page ranking, site visits, form submissions, and other valuable information.

In particular, the ability to monitor social media activity and engagement through CRM tools is becoming more and more important. Businesses need powerful tools that allow them to monitor social conversations, target specific social media audiences, and analyze feedback from leads.

By targeting strategically, businesses can lower their costs per lead, maximize ROI, and make client acquisition efforts more efficient. This is especially true for mobile users (which is basically everyone!)

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Choose the Right CRM Tool

There are many CRM portals to choose from, and the number continues to increase every year. A popular portal that many businesses go with is HubSpot. Even at the free level, HubSpot allows businesses to:

  • Create a lead flow with conversion pop-ups (see screenshots below)
  • Connect all existing forms to the free CRM
  • Connect and integrate CRMs to email providers
HubSpot CRM Popup Tutorial

The best CRM management tools provide easy-to-use tutorials to save time.

Why We Choose HubSpot

At Flashpoint.Marketing, we are a Certified Silver-Tier Agency with HubSpot. We choose HubSpot for ourselves and for our clients for many reasons:

  • It’s the best platform we know of for conducting complete lead generation campaigns
  • Everything is designed to respect the buyer’s journey: awareness, consideration, decision making sure visitors are not pushed into a purchase when they’re simply gathering information
  • The CRM platform is designed to bridge any gaps between marketing and sales teams
  • Leads are generated effortlessly once your system is up and running

HubSpot Certified Silver-Tier AgencyCRM management should be a top priority for businesses that want to grow their sales and convert leads into loyal customers. If you have any questions or are interested in a CRM portal upgrade, contact us today at Flashpoint.Marketing.

As a Silver Tier agency, we can waive the sign-up fee for HubSpot and get you started right away on a customized lead generation and management campaign!