Social media networks are now one of the primary means for promoting any business, and the legal field is no exception.

These platforms are typically free to join and offer various paid opportunities to advertise to the demographics that you seek. There are dozens of social media networks to choose from, each with their own distinct benefits. So which ones are worth your firm’s time? It is best to focus on those that offer you the best opportunity to reach clients with needs that fall within the specific areas of law in which you practice.

To build and maintain a firm’s presence in these networks requires resources such as time, creative energy and more. A recent American Bar Association study found that 85% of law firms have a website. But that’s not good enough. Further promotion on social media is critical, particularly with the millennial group of consumers. Millennials use mobile devices for an average of three hours per day, and more than half of them search for an attorney on some form of social media. This drives home the need to have a strong social media strategy (and also a mobile-friendly website).

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Law Firm Marketing on Specific Social Media Outlets


Facebook, the largest social network, boasts approximately 1.1 billion monthly visitors. Because the system has remained popular for many years, its database is robust. It is a good option for attorneys targeting both the business-to-consumer and business-to-business markets, both through regular posting to the firm’s account and through highly targeted paid advertising. Flashpoint.Marketing has experienced great success harnessing Facebook’s robust advertising network.


An example of a Facebook advertisement.


This network is designed as a professional business tool for networking among industry experts, business partners and job seekers. LinkedIn is an excellent option for lawyers seeking to market in the business-to-business segment and to engage with possible referral sources. It also offers forums in which attorneys can share their insights and contribute to discussions of important issues.


An example of a LinkedIn group.


Instagram is an image—and video—based social outlet exclusively designed for mobile use. It’s most popular among younger users. If your firm is going to use Instagram, you’ll need to have a collection of good photos, snap some yourself regularly or hire a photographer. Instagram is owned by Facebook, which means advertising across both channels can be done from the same centralized location.


Example of a law firm’s Instagram profile.


This network is differentiated by its focus on transmitting text communications to your connections a maximum of 140 characters at a time. Despite these limitations, Twitter offers a surprising amount of breadth. Twitter functions similarly to a news feed, enabling users to attach video, photos, links and opinion polls to messages. Sharing the messages of others, or “retweeting,” is extremely simple. Attorneys who remain active on Twitter will be aware of the latest happenings and trending topics and will encounter opportunities to provide legal insight.


An example of frequent and appropriate tweets from a law firm.

Social Media is Part of a Legal Marketing Strategy

If you’re looking to step up for firm’s social media practices, here’s what you need to do:

  • Define your goals in social media marketing
  • Offer genuine and engaging content, regardless of the platform
  • Regularly monitor accounts and respond to users
  • Adhere to ABA best practices for ethical online legal advertising
  • Consider a marketing agency partner that is experienced in legal marketing on social media outlets

In today’s highly competitive market, law firms must establish and maintain a comprehensive marketing program, which includes social media platforms. Bringing a marketing agency onboard could yield the best results.

Flashpoint.Marketing has successfully helped law firms build their brand, increase their visibility and get cases through social media. If you’re looking to build your firm’s presence on social media or any other corner of the internet, contact us today.

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