“My sponsor always says recovery isn’t for people that want it or people who need it,” Mike’s story begins.It’s for people who do it.”

Mike is a recovering heroin addict who shared his journey to recovery in an intimate essay for a Flashpoint.Marketing client. His heartfelt narrative struck a chord with readers on social media, drawing thousands of page views, likes, and shares.

What made this blog so successful? A calculated mix of smart content, research and social media strategy with a strong dose of poignant human reality.

The Pat Moore Foundation (PMF) is a drug and alcohol treatment facility based in Costa Mesa, CA. The organization hired Flashpoint.Marketing for a digital marketing campaign, including content creation, social media and strategy.

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A successful online content strategy starts with research, which is exactly how Senior Content Associate Leanna Kelly began this process. The startling result was the most searched-for term leading visitors to the client’s website: “Can you die from heroin withdrawal?”

These keywords proved to be a strong indicator of the target audience’s must-know information. To them, this is a life-or-death issue.

With this information in hand, Kelly continued her search to see what information already existed. News articles and the Google Trends Tool showed an uptick in heroin use is a timely and newsworthy topic. Heroin abuse has also been a much-discussed topic on social media, confirmed by social listening tools like BuzzSumo.

One of the most shared posts on the subject right now is another first-person narrative: “I’m a Heroin Addict,” from the Huffington Post.  The story’s first-person format provides a raw look at addiction.

“That personal viewpoint matters,” Kelly said. “The ‘diary-entry-type’ format is very personal and strikes a chord with users/loved ones alike. It’s an honest account of an addiction that’s often misunderstood or seen as relatively hopeless to recover from.”

A staff member at the Pat Moore Foundation knew Mike, and was a fan of his Nor-Cal Recovery Facebook page. Mike is very active on social media, and is well-connected to several other similar websites, bringing a strong built-in audience.

With Pat Moore Foundation’s recommendation, we contacted Mike and asked him to write a guest blog drawing from his experiences. Mike’s personal experience with the horrors of heroin addiction bring trust and credibility to his story that would be impossible to find elsewhere.

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Once the post was written, edited, and posted, it was time for promotion.

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Flashpoint.Marketing shared a link to the story on the client’s Facebook page, using the strong opening line as a hook to drive engagement. Mike’s before and after photos added a striking visual element and were a perfect fit for social media.

The story gained traction among the client’s social media audience almost immediately. Mike shared the story, introducing it to a new engaged audience. Several of the comments came from people who knew Mike, and were filled with words of encouragement.

Facebook’s advertising tools brought about another opportunity to expand the story’s audience. Using the keyword research used to develop the content strategy, Flashpoint.Marketing created a list of terms that would help the post reach its target audience.

Smart content propelled by a strong promotional strategy brought impressive results.

The blog reached nearly 58,000 people on social media, and garnered more than 1,500 unique page views. On Facebook, the post had 174 shares and helped the client’s audience grow by more than 100 new likes. Are you interested in a customized content campaign for your website? Contact us today and let our team of experts work with you to strategize the right campaign for your goals.

If you know someone in crisis, please contact the Pat Moore Foundation.