How do you speak authoritatively about one neighborhood in one city on the other side of the country? This is the challenge Flashpoint.Marketing faces when we write and market content for the upscale apartment communities that make up a large chunk of our client work.

Forming a content marketing strategy for these clients can feel like a detached process. All the research in the world — or even a personal visit — won’t give you the insight of someone who knows the area, its character, its quirks, its history. So when a client of ours hosted a special event to draw attention to their beautiful 417-unit property in Jersey City, N.J., we asked locals for help.

After all, a writer who has seen downtown Jersey City develop from a downtrodden locale to a hip, up-and-coming neighborhood is far more suited for the job than a writer in San Diego, where Flashpoint.Marketing’s staff writers are based. So we turned to what’s called influencer marketing. We hired a trio of freelance writers, each writing a special post for a different online publication specific to Jersey City. The content these influencers wrote and shared via their own channels would broadcast our message.

The result was authentic, local content that we never could have created in-house.

What Brought Us to Influencer Marketing

The Morgan at Provost Square opened less than a year ago. It’s a beautiful property comprised of two soaring towers of brick and glass, offering a pool, an in-house bar, fitness room and more. With rents that run as high as $5,000 a month, it caters to a niche market.

The Morgan regularly puts on events for residents, but last month they hosted an event open to the public to draw interest in the property. It was a festival of local food trucks, with games and beer from a neighborhood brewery.

Selecting the Influencers

The three freelancers weren’t selected at random. In our months managing social media for The Morgan, we came to know some of the key influencers creating and sharing good writing about Jersey City. Obviously, for the greatest reach, we wanted to select writers with a strong presence on social media.

Getting our message in front of their followers is exactly what influencer marketing is all about.

Of the three, we gave the highest budget to Chicpea JC, a Jersey City blogger who conducted a detailed Q & A with The Morgan’s property manager while touring the building. Writer Lynn Hazan shared her post with more than 2,250 Twitter followers and more than 4,500 folks on Facebook. This is reach we wouldn’t otherwise have had.

influencer marketing content screenshot

The other guest blogging posts were published in Have a Night and Growing in Jersey City. The post from Have a Night was photo-centric, capturing the festive vibe of the event with The Morgan as the visual backdrop. The photographer also toured the building, allowing us to get great shots of the apartment units.

Growing in Jersey City, meanwhile, wrote up a detailed summary of the day, talking with food truck owners as well as the property manager about the neighborhood. The post also featured a slide show, providing a great balance of guest content.

screenshot of freelance photograph

The day after the event, The Morgan’s Instagram account gained 13 followers, the largest single-day increase we’ve seen for new real estate properties. It’s not an astronomical number, but getting people to follow a building on social media — however upscale it may be — is no easy task. In subsequent weeks, we gained a total of 64 followers.

Need Your Own Content Marketing Strategy?

Strategy is paramount to the success of any content marketing campaign, and it’s important to leave all possible options on the table. That’s why we turned to influencer marketing.

To learn more about how Flashpoint.Marketing can craft a strategy to bring you business, get in touch with us today. Our team is always ready to tackle a new project and consider all options to get our clients what they need.