Higher Education Content Marketing

The Personas of Higher Education Marketing — And How to Reach Them

Buyer personas form the bedrock of all marketing, and inbound marketing in particular. Failing to understand personas will waste resources and produce lackluster results. A persona represents a particular demographic to whom the campaign is speaking. Done effectively, a persona is a fictional person who mirrors the goals and concerns of thousands of real people. [...]

5 Ways Higher Education Institutions Can Boost Student Enrollment With Content Marketing

If you’re in the field of higher education marketing, chances are you’ve noticed some curious changes related to your strategy in recent years. Namely, it just isn’t working anymore. In years past, you relied on traditional marketing tactics like banner ads, e-mail lists, billboards and even radio spots - but today’s audiences glaze right over these [...]

4 Higher Education Institutions That Are Rocking Higher Education Content Marketing

If you haven’t heard the term “content marketing,” chances are you don’t work in marketing. No longer in its infancy, content marketing (a.k.a., “inbound marketing”) has taken the world of communications by storm and emerged as the preferred - and most effective - way to engage and convert customers. Like it or not, the internet now [...]