Content Marketing Strategy

Winter Marketing Strategies: Start Preparing Now!

It's a well-known phenomenon: The winter slump. Individuals report low energy or lethargy during the winter season. Likewise, businesses often experience a slump in sales and business activity. Depending on the industry or sector, this can be an annual occurrence. This doesn’t mean that your company or firm needs to experience an overall loss. There [...]

Top Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Best Practices to Boost Lead Capture

Have you ever wondered why your law firm website gets many visitors, but the amount of actual contacts and transactions your firm closes still remains the same? The issue is not one of web traffic, but rather one involving conversion rate optimization, or “CRO”. CRO is the overall system and strategy for increasing the percentage [...]

The Personas of Higher Education Marketing — And How to Reach Them

Buyer personas form the bedrock of all marketing, and inbound marketing in particular. Failing to understand personas will waste resources and produce lackluster results. A persona represents a particular demographic to whom the campaign is speaking. Done effectively, a persona is a fictional person who mirrors the goals and concerns of thousands of real people. [...]

Inbound Marketing Basics: What is the Buyer’s Journey?

It’s never been a better time to be a consumer. Technology makes it easier than ever for people to compare their options and decide where to spend their money. The power lies with the consumer, and modern marketers need to understand that. They need to understand the buyer’s journey. Stages of the Buyer’s Journey Understanding [...]

How Guest Bloggers Can Build and Engage your Audience

“My sponsor always says recovery isn’t for people that want it or people who need it,” Mike’s story begins. “It’s for people who do it.” Mike is a recovering heroin addict who shared his journey to recovery in an intimate essay for a Flashpoint.Marketing client. His heartfelt narrative struck a chord with readers on social media, drawing thousands [...]

Attorney Advertising Guidelines for Online Legal Marketing

To thrive in today’s competitive marketplace, it’s essential that law firms embrace online legal marketing practices. Doing so not only boosts their firm’s visibility, but increases their engagement with potential clients. It’s also important for all legal practices and marketing entities to understand ABA and state rules on lawyer online advertising. Legal marketing practices that [...]

I Want You to Want Me: How Emotions Play into Content

We’ve all seen emotionally-charged blog posts, videos, and content go viral. While other posts are important and useful—how to make your own wine rack, for instance—they aren’t exactly “click-bait.” The way you use content to reach and engage your audience is weirdly similar to the way you approach real-life relationships. Take it from Buzzfeed’s publisher, Dao [...]