We were thrilled last year when Berger Montague, a revered national law firm, tasked us with building a new website for their business. At the time, the firm’s existing site was in a state of disrepair, and it didn’t accurately reflect the level of professionalism Berger Montague is known for.

“Their old site was outdated and some of the elements were no longer functioning properly,” says Lisa Smith, creative strategy manager at Flashpoint, who spearheaded the relaunch. “The client found the site difficult to maintain, and wished to migrate to a more modern, user-friendly content management system.”

That’s when we began designing and developing a new website for Berger Montague, built upon the ever-popular WordPress platform.

“There were hundreds of pages on the old site that we needed to migrate over,” says Lisa. “And while that initially posed a challenge, we were ultimately able to integrate several custom content types to create a site that aligned with what the firm wanted.”

With dozens of lawyers practicing in more than 20 litigation areas, Berger Montague is a big firm with even bigger needs. For the site relaunch, they were looking for a comprehensive directory that prospective clients could use to find the perfect lawyer. So we built them a brand new resource centered around an intuitive search system. In it, all of the content types — such as the attorneys, settlements, case status, and so on — are connected to a particular practice area.

“The hardest part was mapping it all out,” says Lisa. “We had to build all of these fields for each practice area, then make sure everything was properly tagged and connected to the right practice area.”

The new site launched last month, sporting a more modern look and delivering a level of functionality far beyond what the previous incarnation offered. Visitors can search cases by status and practice area, or filter lawyers by specialty and seniority to see who’s working what case. Visitors can also search news and related cases.

“Flashpoint.Marketing was instrumental in guiding us through the task of redesigning our website. They took the the time to explain the more technical aspects of the project and were always available to answer questions.”

“When a visitor clicks on any of these custom post types,” says Lisa, “they’re taken to a dynamically generated page that exclusively contains content relevant to that topic.” These spontaneous pages pull data from a variety of sources, and the interconnected nature of the new site creates a fluid, intuitive interface Berger Montague is ecstatic about.

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