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Winter Marketing Strategies: Start Preparing Now!

It's a well-known phenomenon: The winter slump. Individuals report low energy or lethargy during the winter season. Likewise, businesses often experience a slump in sales and business activity. Depending on the industry or sector, this can be an annual occurrence. This doesn’t mean that your company or firm needs to experience an overall loss. There [...]

Top Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Best Practices to Boost Lead Capture

Have you ever wondered why your law firm website gets many visitors, but the amount of actual contacts and transactions your firm closes still remains the same? The issue is not one of web traffic, but rather one involving conversion rate optimization, or “CRO”. CRO is the overall system and strategy for increasing the percentage [...]

Best Law Firm Website Design Practices for Lead Generation

In today’s competitive legal marketplace, it’s necessary for law firms to find ways to differentiate themselves from competitors and to highlight their own practice. For most law firms, this means revamping the firm’s website design. Your firm’s website performs many functions: It’s often the first time potential clients will see about the firm, so it [...]

The Importance of CRM Management Tools

First things first — we’re well aware that CRM Management literally translates into “customer relationship management management”. That being said, CRM management is crucial for the day-to-day operations of any business, whether it be a promising startup or an established industry leader. CRM refers to the practices and technologies that companies use to organize their customer [...]

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