Marketing is quite the undertaking, especially when it comes to targeting the right audience. Think about the amount of time and money that go into getting a product or service seen—it’s staggering. And it’s not just about getting seen these days. If you market to the wrong people—or the even right people at the wrong time—you’re essentially burning resources. 

“Of course I know that,” you’re probably saying. No doubt you do—these are the fundamentals of modern marketing. That said, when is the last time you really took a look at your audience? The last time you dug into the nooks and crannies of your analytics, or crafted a survey to collect key information from your existing leads?

If the answer is “not lately,” you may want to listen up.

Cleaning Up a Marketing Misfire

online customer survey

A few months back, a big B2C client cut their existing marketing team and promptly enlisted Flashpoint.Marketing to get things back on track. We started by sending out a simple 10-question survey to their email list, the results of which revealed a glaring hole in their marketing plan.

You guessed it—they were burning their advertising money on the wrong audience!

This business believed their biggest audience to be males age 18 to 24. While the data from the survey’s ~800 participants confirmed that this demographic was a slice of the pie, the study yielded some telling data:

  • 65% of respondents fell outside the anticipated age range
  • Over 30% of their customers were over 45
  • 42% of respondents were not employed full-time

What most surprised the client was this: despite being a smaller slice, women over 45 were actually the biggest spenders. That’s a long shot from young adult males.

With the data we collected from the survey, we crafted our client detailed buyer personas (essentially an ideal target audience embodied in one semi-fictional person). Instead of blasting their email list with generic promotionals, they segmented their leads and catered content to each individual persona. With each target audience receiving tailored content, engagement and other key stats rose dramatically.

Need Help Creating Your Own Personas?

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Hitting the Mark: Targeting the Right Audience

While marketing may seem costly, marketing poorly (or worse, not marketing) can prove disastrous. To earn leads, you need to hit the right people at the right phase of the buyer’s journey. To do this, you need skilled people with quality tools and a bounty of experience.

It’s not an easy task, but we at Flashpoint.Marketing have collectively dedicated 216,580 (and counting) hours to mastering the craft. Worried that you’re not hitting the right audience? Let us put our inbound sales acumen to work for you.