Are you looking for a unique, innovative way to market your products or services? Well, there’s a powerful channel that’s available to you, and it’s right under your nose: email marketing! This answer may come as a surprise to you, but the truth of the matter is that email marketing is a tried and true avenue to reach new customers and follow up with existing ones.

Here are 5 reasons why email marketing is a no-brainer for start-up companies:

1. You Own Your Email Marketing

There’s a reason why those on your email list gave you their addresses specifically: so you would reach out to them. You have something they want. Whether it’s information or great deals — they want to hear from you. They are yours to keep until they unsubscribe. Keep adding value to their lives with great content, nurture them, wish them a happy birthday, and you will reduce the risk of losing them. But don’t over-do it. Getting too many emails is the #1 reason why people unsubscribe from mailing lists.

2. Email Conversion Beats Facebook and Twitter

While everyone rushes to Facebook, fighting for being on the top of its mysterious algorithm and expensive boosting strategies is a challenge. Come out on top with your silent warrior approach of email marketing. Facebook is the leading source for social media with the highest reaching audience of 1.79 billion users, and is mighty powerful for getting leads. However, according to a study by McKinsey and Company, email marketing reaches a conversion rate that is 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter.

3. It’s the First Thing Adults Do in the Morning

According to SageWorld, more than half the adult population (58%) check emails first thing in the morning. Chances are it’s what you do first thing in the morning, or even if you wake up in the middle of the night. To make this digit even sweeter, 91% of consumers do check their emails daily. It’s an ingrained habit, and they’re waiting to hear from you. Also, do remember that they’ll most likely be reading their emails from their mobile device — something to keep in mind as you design your email (hint-hint make those buttons big!)

4. The Majority of Online Purchases Result From an Email

Did you know that a whopping 66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a direct result from a marketing email (Direct Marketing Association)? The ROI behind email marketing is not only strong but also proven: you can earn up to $40 for every $1 spent on email marketing!

Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than leads who have not been nurtured. How do you nurture a lead? You send your subscribers regular emails with updates, sneak peeks on upcoming products, offers and gifts. Customize your emails by speaking directly to them. Depending on the information your email list contains, you can send birthday wishes and offers or target regions by zip codes for product launches. Give your subscribers a VIP feeling and they will feel nurtured and reward you in return with repeat purchases.

Better yet, invite them to your official launch. Give them free tickets (even if the event is free)—nothing gets people out more than feeling like they’re the only ones with a free pass. Roll out a red carpet and snag pictures of your attendees making them feel special and unique. Offer them specials for ordering your product before it even hits the market to solidify your startup even more. Sales before launch? Of course!

5. Email Marketing is Cheap!

With a free MailChimp account giving you up to 2,000 contacts, your marketing strategy can fly on a startup budget without any investment. Mix that with a free account at to create great graphics pulling from the free images offered by and you are good to go. The only investment on your part is the time to craft out your impactful emails.

Email marketing isn’t going anywhere — it’s here to stay.

There’s no way you should miss out on this simple, effective, and cost-friendly source of lead generation and nurturing. All the numbers and statistics add up in your favor, so why not leverage one of the most trusted channels for reaching your customer base?

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