Starting a law blog is the perfect way to humanize your law firm and help you stand out from the competition.

When potential clients search for an attorney online, they’ll see a wide array of search results that don’t seem to look that different from each other. As they do more research and read your blog, potential clients will get a feel for your firm’s values. Your informative content highlights your firm’s expertise and helps to build trust in your attorneys.

With all of these reasons to regularly blog, too many law firms still don’t publish consistently — or at all. If a case of writer’s block is holding up your law blog, check out these 4 topics to write about.

These legal advertising guidelines will make sure your law blog adheres to ethical guidelines.

1. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

law blog frequently asked questions

When you meet with prospective clients, there are probably some general questions you hear all the time. Maybe people want to know how the legal process works, or perhaps how your firm sets its fees. With an FAQ series on your blog, you can give a general overview of the answers that builds trust in your Firm.

You can also expand this feature to a regular series in which an attorney offers in-depth answers to questions pertaining to his or her practice area. Question-and-answer posts are also a great way to incorporate relevant keywords in a natural way, which boosts your search rankings and helps potential clients find you.

2. Take On Current Events In Your Law Blog

law blog latest news

In just about every major news story, there’s a legal issue. Whether it’s political scandals, criminal investigations, or major business news, it all comes back to the law in some way.

When your law blog addresses the underlying issues of current events, you can highlight your Firm’s expertise — without wading into dangerous opinion territory.

3. Lists For Legal Blogs

law blog top ten list

Top 10 lists aren’t just for memes and other clickbait-y topics. Headlines that include numbers are a great way to grab people’s attention, because they tell the reader exactly what to expect. (you’re reading this list, aren’t you?).

There are ways to adopt this strategy for your law firm without coming off as low-quality. If a major new law has passed in your state, you could write a blog headlined “10 Issues To Consider About (law).” As a bonus, list posts are frequently shared on social media, which drives even more potential clients to your website.

4. Attorney Profiles

law blog attorney bio

The best content tells a compelling story. One of the most common ways to tell a story is through a main character. As a lawyer, you have a clear advantage here. The main characters to your firm’s story are right next to you. Interview your attorneys and ask them about their background, expertise, and notable cases they’ve worked on.

When we used this strategy for one of our legal clients, we saw great success. Not only did it top the list of the most-read blogs we wrote that month, it stayed in that list for months to come. Showcasing the personalities of your attorneys is a perfect way to humanize your firm and tell your story.

This list of topics to write about is the perfect start to your law blog, but that’s just the one part of a successful marketing strategy. Once the content is on your website, it’s time to amplify, analyze, and adjust your strategy so new clients will find you.

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