2 Facebook Ad Targeting Techniques You're Not Using, But ShouldWhen it comes to Facebook Ad targeting, the options are truly endless. You can target based on a variety of demographics, including location, age, gender, language, interests, behaviors—even life events including “long distance relationship” or “recently moved”. You can build up a hefty social media audience of 10 million Facebookers or widdle your audience down to a precise 3,000.

With so many choices, it’s easy to find yourself lost in a sea of Facebook Ad targeting options.

Well, we’re here with a spy glass and a map to lead you directly to land. Here are the two most important Facebook Ad targeting techniques you’re probably not using, but should.

1. Lookalike Audiences

If you have a good-sized customer base of at least 1,000, “Lookalike Audiences” were made for you. These are custom audiences created by Facebook of social media users who share traits—age, gender, location, interests, and other demographics—with your existing audience. They allow you to reach potential customers who are likely to want your product, but may not have heard of you yet.

You can create Lookalike Audiences based on website visitors, people who like your Facebook Page, or an existing custom Facebook audience such as a customer list. If you have a larger customer base, say upwards of tens of thousands, create a custom audience of your “best” customers. You can then create a Lookalike Audience based on this list.

The best thing about Facebook Lookalike audiences is that they’re highly customizable. You can opt to have Facebook create a small, precise audience whose characteristics are in line with your existing audience. Conversely, you can elect to optimize your Lookalike Audience for size. This will create a larger target audience of users who share only a few traits with your current audience.

Once you have your Lookalike Audience, you can layer it with any Facebook ad targeting option to narrow it down. However, be wary that Facebook recommends against too many targeting options, as they can severely reduce the size of your audience.

2. Detailed Targeting Options

Chances are, you know a lot about your ideal customer—where they live, how old they are, what their interests are, and more. It’s just tough for you to reach them on Facebook. This is where Facebook’s “Detailed Targeting” feature comes into play. Detailed Targeting allows you to reach an audience with exactly these characteristics.

Let’s say you own a home remodeling company where projects average $150,000 a pop. You want to reach potential customers with your call-to-action ads. You’re only looking for customers in a hyperlocal area—say a handful of zip codes—in a certain income bracket, who own their own homes.

You can set up your Facebook Ad audience with basic information. Add your desired zip codes, the age of your demographic (in this case, 25+), as well as the gender (you can select “all” if your brand isn’t gender-specific).

Now, you can get down to the nitty gritty. You only want to reach homeowners, so let Facebook know. Then, narrow your audience down to those who can afford a pricey remodel. Use income targeting to pinpoint those who make $75,000 a year and more. Throw on some interest targeting—perhaps those who are interested in home improvement and HGTV. Finally, tell Facebook who you don’t want to target. In this case, you don’t want those who are likely to move soon—and Facebook has a targeting option for just that.

You will now reach homeowners who live in a specific zip code, who make $75,000 a year or more, are interested in home improvement and HGTV, and who aren’t likely to move. Sounds like a winning combination for a successful Facebook Ad campaign!  Detailed Facebook ad targeting allows you to build the precise audience you want, so that you can find customers with ease.

Building a well-constructed, detailed target audience can be a lengthy process, but it’s imperative to a successful Facebook Ads strategy. Pair it with a killer Google Adwords campaign and the leads will pour in.

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